When Set Design Informs Performance …

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“What helped them was us building that house out there on the side of the road as close to how the house would have looked originally. Those things became very important for me because I knew if we gave them the tools like the range, stove, hats, and just the overall layout of the house, it would make it feel real for them. At any point, they could walk out the door, walk around the house, and still be able to stay in that state of mind. It gives them great freedom as performers.” – Aisling Walsh

Aisling Walsh directed MAUDIE with such precision and grace – this interview from the dear-departed Toronto Film Scene details her process working with Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke, and how their set design informed performance. Reminds me of Derek Cianfrance giving Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams a month to live in that house together offscreen before filming their onscreen marriage’s meltdown in BLUE VALENTINE …

Maudie is nominated for a CSA for best picture.

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