Laurie Kilmartin’s “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad”

Posted by:Kate Melville on Nov - 30 - 2017 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

Beloved veteran stand-up Laurie Kilmartin recently wrote so thoughtfully about coming up as a female standup, and what might have been different if she was a guy.

I first encountered Laurie in 2014 when her Twitter account went viral as she live-tweeted her dad’s death.

Her comedy special called “45 Jokes About My Dead Dad” is very funny and very real – everything I want from my comedy.

Laurie Kilmartin- 45 Jokes About My Dead Dad – Seeso Stand-Up Special – Trailer from AMK Films on Vimeo.

Seeso is shut down now, so until this special resurfaces, you can listen to it in full via Spotify:

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