What Bugs Me Most About This “Female-Centric” LORD OF THE FLIES Project …

Posted by:Kate Melville on Sep - 11 - 2017 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

What bugs me most about this “female-centric” LORD OF THE FLIES project is that it’s commissioned from two men who have yet to write a word.

Here’s what they said in Deadline:

“We’ve gotten to think about this awhile as the rights were worked out, and we’re super eager to put pen to paper.”

So hire a woman to write it instead! What about Riane Konc, who actually put pen to paper and skewered this so-called idea over the weekend?

Simone staggered out of the woods, her hair matted and muddy. She wore a crude garment that she had fashioned out of leaves, and her eyes were wild.

“Simone!” cried Roger. “I love your dress.”

“Thanks!” Simone said, gesturing. “It has pockets!”


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