On Being Punished For Purity …

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Good discussion in the Guardian on the portrayal of young women losing their virginity in film – we did a gender-reversal on this trope in PICTURE DAY, and it was one of the more controversial scenes! Writers in TV seem to be pushing this topic farther, like that super-adorable moment when Jane the Virgin finally wasn’t one anymore — thanks to Canadian animators Cuppa Coffee.

White Bias and Its Influence on the Design of Colour Film – Do you Know About the Shirley Card?

Posted by:Kate Melville on Sep - 13 - 2017 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

Celiana Cárdenas AMC (Cinematographer) shared this fascinating interview with cinematographer Ava Berkofsky (Insecure), “Keeping ‘Insecure’ lit: HBO cinematographer Ava Berkofsky on properly lighting black faces,” which includes the video below.

For more on how white bias influenced the design of colour film, including the history of the infamous Shirley Card, check out this video with Concordia prof Lorna Roth.

I went to Concordia, and Dr. Roth’s tech-nerd-meets-history-buff approach to Cinema Studies makes me nostalgic for film school, and Montreal!

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