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Snitch Pictures and Hawkeye Pictures Option “Women of the Klondike”

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Media Contact: Cynthia Amsden
Tel: +1 416 910 7740


Toronto, ON. September 14, 2017 — Toronto-based production company Snitch Pictures, in association with Hawkeye Pictures, has acquired the option to Frances Backhouse’s narrative history, Women of the Klondike(Whitecap Books). Hawkeye Pictures’ Aeschylus Poulos (Sleeping Giant, Mary Goes Round) will produce. Award-winning writer-director Kate Melville(Picture Day) will adapt the book into what she describes as a “feminist western.”

Kate Melville“I travelled to Whitehorse years ago and was fascinated by stories of dance halls in the Yukon Gold Rush,” said writer-director Melville. “By the time the police arrived in Dawson, there was already an established network of prostitutes, and most of them worked as independent agents. I thought there was a feminist twist on the Western there, in the clash between one of these female entrepreneurs and a police detective trying to instil law and order.”

“Women of the Klondike is bursting with characters so vividly drawn, I was up all night reading it like a novel,” said Melville. “Many different women lived in Dawson: Salvation Army missionaries, vaudeville performers, cooks, laundresses, women who panned for gold themselves, Tagish and Tlingit locals, society wives and nuns. Reading about these bold, adventurous characters, I wondered what their version of ‘frontier justice’ might look like. I’ve always loved Westerns, and these forgotten women from Gold Rush history deserve a movie of their own.”

Women of the KlondikeFrances Backhouse’s Women of the Klondike was published by Whitecap Books in 1995 and quickly became a bestseller. Known for her intimate and entertaining Canadian histories, Frances Backhouse was recently a featured speaker at IdeaCity 2017.

Snitch Pictures is known for Kate Melville’s directorial debut feature Picture Day, starring Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black, Stronger at TIFF17). Picture Day premiered at TIFF in 2012, won the Borsos Prize for Best Feature at Whistler, and a 2013 ACTRA award for Maslany.

Hawkeye Pictures is a Toronto-based production company working with some of Canada’s most exciting talents. Its latest feature, Mary Goes Round (produced by Wildling Pictures in association with Hawkeye Pictures) premiered at TIFF17.

Bell Media’s Harold Greenberg Fund is supporting the project through the Script Development Program. Frances Backhouse is represented by Carolyn Swayze Literary Agency and Intellectual Property Group. Aeschylus Poulos negotiated the deal on behalf of Hawkeye and Snitch.


Media Contact: Cynthia Amsden
Tel: +1 416 910 7740

Photo credit for Kate Melville’s headshot: Johnny Vong

White Bias and Its Influence on the Design of Colour Film – Do you Know About the Shirley Card?

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Celiana Cárdenas AMC (Cinematographer) shared this fascinating interview with cinematographer Ava Berkofsky (Insecure), “Keeping ‘Insecure’ lit: HBO cinematographer Ava Berkofsky on properly lighting black faces,” which includes the video below.

For more on how white bias influenced the design of colour film, including the history of the infamous Shirley Card, check out this video with Concordia prof Lorna Roth.

I went to Concordia, and Dr. Roth’s tech-nerd-meets-history-buff approach to Cinema Studies makes me nostalgic for film school, and Montreal!

What Bugs Me Most About This “Female-Centric” LORD OF THE FLIES Project …

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What bugs me most about this “female-centric” LORD OF THE FLIES project is that it’s commissioned from two men who have yet to write a word.

Here’s what they said in Deadline:

“We’ve gotten to think about this awhile as the rights were worked out, and we’re super eager to put pen to paper.”

So hire a woman to write it instead! What about Riane Konc, who actually put pen to paper and skewered this so-called idea over the weekend?

Simone staggered out of the woods, her hair matted and muddy. She wore a crude garment that she had fashioned out of leaves, and her eyes were wild.

“Simone!” cried Roger. “I love your dress.”

“Thanks!” Simone said, gesturing. “It has pockets!”


Throwback Thursday: ENDGAME #TBT

Posted by:Kate Melville on Aug - 31 - 2017 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

ENDGAME was a short-lived, beloved-by-geeks tv drama about an agoraphobic Russian chessmaster who lived in a hotel and solved crimes. I wrote for this show through the rainy winter of 2010 in Vancouver, in a writers’ room so tiny we all had to stand up if anyone needed to leave the room. It was here I first met a cool cat named Graeme Manson, who was in the midst of pitching a seemingly-impossible clone show called ORPHAN BLACK.

ENDGAME’s crime stories all had a slightly screwball edge, so there was a lot of laughter in the writers’ room – the showrunner Avrum Jacobson introduced us to Old Jews Telling Jokes, and co-writer Jeremy Boxen (another OB alum) introduced me to webseries The Maria Bamford Show. (Writers find the best stuff online because of a very important creative process called procrastination.)

Most Proud Of: My Dr. Who chatroom joke.

Insider Secret: I still don’t know how to play chess.

Tina Fey’s SNL Bit On Charlottesville

Posted by:Kate Melville on Aug - 23 - 2017 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

Tina Fey’s SNL bit on Charlottesville was not her best work, as discussed by many smart people here.

Tina Fey

Instead of spending energy on worrying about that, why not re-direct your precious procrastination time and discover a new brilliant female comedian?

Here are four I love:

Naomi Ekperigin

Megan McKay

Aisha Brown

Hannah Gadsby

TIFF ’14: Getting Goosebumps at the TIFF Talent Lab

Posted by:Kate Melville on Sep - 4 - 2014 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

Producer Kate Melville shares her observations on the first day of the 2014 TIFF Talent Lab for Canadian and international filmmakers.

Read it in Playback.

Picture Day, Kate Melville’s Directorial Debut, Scoops Up Top Prizes For Best Picture and Best Actress at 2012 Whistler Film Festival

Posted by:Kate Melville on Dec - 3 - 2012 - Filed under: Snitch Pictures -

The 2012 Whistler Film Festival (WFF) announced yesterday that Kate Melville’s feature film directorial debut, Picture Day, a brutally comic coming-of-age film won the $15,000 Borsos Award for Best Canadian Feature Film. The Borsos jury commented, “This year, we are delighted to recognize a filmmaker whose work is revelatory: universal in its specificity, soulful, heartfelt, raw, intelligent, profoundly human and so much fun. Kate, Philip Borsos is smiling.”

Picture Day garnered a second laurel when Tatiana Maslany won WFF’s new Best Performance in a Borsos Competition Film Award for her role in the film. The Jury commented that Maslany’s performance is “fearless, honest, unapologetic, heartbreaking, and hilarious… and, in our opinion, is a force of nature.”

:: read the full press release ::

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